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Keith Davies08/08/2013Replace the flat roof over the garage and the attached ensuite shower room / toilet, up to the polycarbonate conservatory, repair the join of the new roof to the conservatory, remove all debris Customer owns and lives at this property. Rated by customer on 08/08/2013
10:08 08/08/13They cheerfully carried out the work under difficult conditions. The weather was not good due to intermittent rain and strong gusts of wind. The workmen were friendly, considerate and efficient. K Davies


heidi ford16/07/2013new roof needed as roof is leaking Timing: ASAP. Rated by customer on 16/07/2013
09:07 16/07/13fantastic job on time on budget clean and tiedy


Elizabeth Everett18/09/2012I have a marble fireplace surround that needs a bigger hole cut in it to fit the existing fireplace and not the horrid gas fire that is now in a skip! I also need the marble attached to the wall around the fireplace. That's it!. Rated by customer on 18/09/2012
20:09 18/09/12A brilliant job and he was so helpful doing lots of other related jobs for very little extra. A charming and helpful man who had lots of good advice for me. A real gem!!


Sally Beaney18/10/2012Smallish Brick Built garden shed needs roof replacing. Rated by customer on 18/10/2012
11:10 18/10/12Absolutely pleased. A problem arose, which could not have been anticipated, no quibble, came back and sorted as soon as could at no additional charge. Happy to recommend to anyone. If there was an Excellent Plus, I would have ticked those boxes.


John Benyon18/09/2013 Extensive roof and chimney stack repairs and a new insulated rubber roof on the extension
Thank you very much for this message and for the attached guarantees. We are pleased with the job and are grateful to AJRR for all the trouble they took. We would certainly recommend them to anyone else who needs a new flat roof. The guarantees are much appreciated – hopefully we will never have to call on them! Good wishes John -- John Benyon


chris smith15/05/2012wood burner and flue installation. Rated by customer on 15/05/2012
12:05 15/05/12great guy and a great service & end product